• Hydraulic Cylinders

    All our hydraulic cylinders are subjected to rigorous quality controls to ensure a smooth operation, and great durability.

  • Lapping

    Our lapping machines operate an abrasive action capable of reducing the roughness of each type of hard material. For mechanical contexts that require high precision.

  • Special Cylinders

    We produce mechanical cylinders, tailor-made for every need, straight from the drawing. You only have to worry about defining the idea, we will accomplish your project.

Trezzi Cilindri

Since 1975 Trezzi Cilindri s.r.l. is in the field of industrial mechanics. Thanks to many years of study and experience we offer to our clients an innovative service and we have become a landmark in the hydraulic industry. We are opening towards important foreign markets.


We produce all hydraulic products which are applied to industrial mechanics and we also offer assistance for all of them.
In particular: hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic systems, shears, press brakes, briquetting, machine for wood. We repair big machineries and we get spare parts for our customers in short time.


We also offer service of lapping, boring, milling for every kind of needs.
Contact us for an estimate. We have the right answer to all your questions.

Some of our Works

Cylinders for Presses

Cilindri Speciali per Presse

Oleodynamic cylinders for big presses (1500 ton.).

Hydraulic Cylinders

Cilindri per presse stampaggio

Special hydraulic cylinders for molding presses.

Mechanical Revisions

Revisioni presse piegatriciMechanical revisions on presses (1000 ton. , 8mt). 

Briquetting Machines

Realizzazione Bricchettatrici

Briquetting machine with refrigeration system, vacuum system and integrated refiner.